Podcasts I listen to and recommend

I’ve been listening to podcasts for a couple years. Most of the time when listening to a podcast I will be driving a virtual truck making virtual deliveries either in Euro Truck Simulator 2 or, more recently, in American Truck Simulator . Over the course of roughly about the past year I started listening to my podcasts at 1.5x speed so that it takes less time to listen to the episodes. It sounds a little funny at first, but you get use to it surprisingly quick. My podcast app of choice is Pocket Casts , which is multi-platform and available on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and they even have a Web Player . And it syncs your listening progress across all your devices! Alright, lets dive in and talk about some of the podcasts that I listen to:


Cortex is a podcast hosted by CGP Grey and Myke Hurley (co-founder of Relay FM), where they both discuss their working lives as independent content creators. It’s a more niche podcast to listen to, but I thoroughly enjoy it. Frequent topics of discussion include: Apple products (which is unrelatable to me since I am an Android user), occasionally video games, Email, Time tracking, and To-do list apps.

The Pornhub Podcast

The Pornhub Podcast is hosted by Asa Akira and she has a guest each episode. They discuss all things pop culture, sex, and feelings. As a sex-positive individual I find this podcast interesting and entertaining. It also gives unique insight into the porn and sex industry world.

The Prevention Podcast and Sex, Human Rights, and CSA Prevention

Thes two podcasts, The Prevention Podcast and Sex, Human Rights, and CSA Prevention are really good podcasts for anyone that is interested in sex, human rights, and child sex abuse preventijon. The first podcast is run by The Global Prevention Project and the second podcast is run by Prostasia Foundation .

You’re Wrong About

The You’re Wrong About podcast covers various topics that you’ve probably heard about but either what you know is wrong or you only know part of the story. It’s really entertaining and educational. The first episode I ever listened to was their episode about sex offenders, which was enlightening, and educatational as all their episodes are. They have done multiple episodes debunking the sex trafficking moral panic, especially the satanic panic related ones. Their long-winded and in-depth series on the OJ Simpson trial was fascinating – particularly as someone that was only 5-years-old at the time that the OJ Simpson trial took place. Then again, all of their episodes are fascinating and it is well worth your time to listen to all of the episodes.

Beyond Fear

Beyond Fear is hosted by Alexa Sardina and Dr Alissa Ackerman, two friends and criminologists who have spent their entire careers studying everything about sex crimes. Definitely a very educational podcast for everyone that is interested in either preventing sex abuse and/or restorative justice.

Amplified Voices

Amplified Voices is hosted by Amber and Jason. It’s a podcast that lifts the voices of people and families impacted by the criminal legal system. The most recent episode that I listened to was particularly good to listen to as their guest Nicole, 16-years-old, talked about how the incarceration of one of her parents has impacted her and her family. The episode with Nick Durbin talking about the experiences of Autistic people caught up in the legal system was also a worthy listen.

Hello Internet

This one is more of an honorary mention because the podcast has not had new episodes since February 28, 2020. It’s still worth listening to, but don’t expect any episodes from the 2020-2021 time frame. Hello Internet is probably the first podcast I ever listened to. The hosts are CGP Grey and “Dr.” Brady Haran . They talk about random stuff. Most of the time they talk about YouTube, plane crashes, NASA and various other science-y things, and it’s overall just a really entertaining podcast to listen to. Highly recommend.