For my first post of 2019, I want rant a little bit about something that’s been on my mind. Annoying things that parents do. Note: There’s probably some things that I’m not even thinking of that could probably be put on this list.

1. Talking to you when you’re wearing headphones.

This one completely baffles me. You can clearly see that I am wearing headphones and that they are obviously covering my ears. Hell, you can even hear the sound coming out of them (even though I have the volume set to 30-40%). Why try to talk to me when I am not going to be able to hear you. Please stop doing this, parents!

2. Not closing the door when leaving your room.

I typically always have my door closed. Not all the way closed, but closed to where the edge of the door is touching the wall. I partially close my door to keep noise from other places in the house from coming into my room. But, especially in winter, I keep my door closed to keep the heat in my room (my room gets pretty cold). How hard is it to re-close the door when you leave? You shouldn’t need a degree in rocket science to close doors. Please, just do this simple thing.

3. Calling instead of texting.

Okay, I’ll admit, these next two are more personal and probably not something that the rest of you will be able to relate to. As mentioned before on this blog, and other places on this site, I’m autistic. I hate talking on the phone and prefer talking via text. Please, stop calling me and just text. I don’t care that you’re driving. It’s 2019, use the “Assistant” feature on your phone, for example: OK Google, text Joshua I'm picking up pizza what do you want?. You’ll make both of our lives easier by doing this.

4. Asking where you’re going.

This one irks me a lot. I rarely leave the house because I just have nowhere to go. I really only leave the house once a week to go to the grocery store. Whenever I’m leaving I always get asked where I’m going and it makes me feel like I’m a prisoner that’s not allowed to leave and have my own life. 1. I’m a very private person, so it’s none of your business where I’m going. 2. I’m an adult. 3. I have a phone. If I have an emergency I can contact help. I’m 28 years old, I just want to live my life…

If you can relate to any of these, I feel your pain.

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Joshua Casey is an introverted autistic that enjoys video games and passionate about advocating for human rights, free speech, privacy rights, autistic rights, climate change, and child sexual abuse prevention.

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