I’ve spent way too much time trying to think about what my dream job would be. When you’re autistic like I am it’s a daily struggle to live in a world that is not built for people like you and a world that is constantly fighting against you. Personally, I know that because of some of the difficulties that I have from being autistic, I could never have a “traditional” job. I certainly could never have a job that requires face-to-face or phone interactions with customers. I could never have a job that requires much physical activity or heavy lifting.

My ideal “dream” job is a job that lets me work from home using my own computer. With a flexible schedule—this is important because I do quite like being awake at night sometimes. Night time is very peaceful and quiet. It’s a very lovely experience that I enjoy. A job that lets me communicate with co-workers or customers using email or instant message instead of phone or face-to-face interactions would also be absolutely necessary. I, unfortunately, am very fearful that this kind of job doesn’t exist (which is probably why it is estimated that more than 80% of Autistic adults around the world are unemployed). Although, I am trying to be optimistic that perhaps there is one out there. If I could pick any company that I would love to work for, I think I would pick Twitch or Pornhub.

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Joshua Casey Avatar Joshua Casey is an introverted autistic that enjoys video games and passionate about advocating for human rights, free speech, privacy rights, autistic rights, climate change, and child sexual abuse prevention.

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