I thought it would be a good idea to discuss some of my favorite apps that I have installed. This post is going to be split into four parts: Multi-device apps, Android (phone) apps, Windows programs, and Chrome(OS) extensions/apps.

Multi-Device Apps

LastPass (Android & Chrome Extension)

This is the most important app that I use. I take my online security very important. Every password I use is completely randomly generated using LastPass' password generator. A password manager is an essential security tool that everyone needs to be using. How else do you expect to remember dozens of different passwords? As an added bonus, Lastpass is free, although the $12/year price is well worth it!

Auth (Android & Chrome Extension)

On the topic of security, I'm an avid user of two-factor authentication to help keep my accounts extra secure. Authy is my go-to two-factor authentication app, mostly due to the multi-device support. If you're not already using two-factor authentication, you need to change that now. Online security is extremely important.

Google Keep (Android & Chrome Extension)

As an android phone user, Google Keep is my go-to app if I need to jot down a note.

Google Calendar

Again, I'm heavily invested in the Google environment. Google Calendar appeals to me due to being able to access it anywhere by logging into my Google account.

Pushbullet (Android, Windows, & ChromeOS)

It's very useful to be able to read and response to text messages on my computer. It also makes it quite easy to transfer files wirelessly from my Computer to my phone.

Windows Apps


There's a lot of different messaging services. Franz lets you access a bunch of them all in one program. I have added a couple extra with plugins that I have installed, specically to add Google Calendar, Google Keep, and Todoist).


My default web browser.


I've been using Whatpulse since 2007. It's perfect for me because I really like statistics. It keeps track of how many keys you press and mouseclicks you click.

Steam, Origin, and Uplay

As a gamer, it's pretty self-explanatory why I have these installed.


F.lux makes your computer screen look better at night.

Google Drive, OneDrive, & Dropbox

I'm a heavy user of cloud storage. My preferred cloud storage is Google Drive as it is very convenient for me due to using an Android phone. OneDrive is a close second. Dropbox comes in third.

Android apps


Losing a phone or having a phone stolen is probably one of someone's worst nightmares. Prey allows me to track my phone in the event that I ever lose it or it gets stolen.

Android Device Manager

Similiar to Prey, but made by Google. This offers me the ability to remotely wipe my device if I ever needed to.


Lightflow allows me to have a lot of power over the customizability of my notifications. For example, I have all notifications from any messaging apps show with a green led light. Any financial notifications result in a red notification light.

SwiftKey Beta

The best android keyboard I have ever used.

Nova Launcher Prime

I love having customizability power of my device. Nova Launcher gives me a lot of power in that respect.


The best to-do app. The $28.99/year cost is a little bit steep. I would definitely appreciate it if the cost was cut in half, but it's totally worth it.


This is what I'm using for my phone's email app for my @joshuacasey.net email. I use Inbox for my @gmail.com email.


If you're looking for a good app to keep track of your finances and bills. I highly recommend Mint.

Slide for Reddit

I've used a lot of Reddit apps on android. The one that I'm currently using is Slide.

Chrome(OS) extensions/Apps


As a gamer, I enjoy watching Twitch streams. The BetterTTV extension makes the Twitch website better, especially with the dark mode.

Magic Actions for YouTube

An essential extension for anyone that watches YouTube videos. I personally highly recommend the dark mode and the stop autoplay feature.

Reddit Enhancement Suite

If you use Reddit, RES is essential. Especially for the dark mode.


A text editor for ChromeOS. This post is being written using it.

Secure Shell

A great tool for SSH'ing from your chromebook.


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