Name: Joshua Casey
Birthdate: February 1990
Location: Illinois, USA
Favorite Animal: Dogs
Interests: Video Games, Aviation, Space, Technology, Advocating for Human Rights, Privacy, Anti-Censorship, Free Speech, the Climate Crisis, and CSA Prevention
Favorite movie(s): Star Wars (series) , Harry Potter (series) , Saving Private Ryan, Apollo 13
Favorite book(s): Apollo 13, The Diary of Anne Frank, To Kill A Mockingbird, 1984, Harry Potter (series)

Cryptocurrency Addresses

Stellar federated address (preferred)


Public Stellar address (preferred)






Referral Links

I have some referral links for services that I like and really recommend. If you’re interested, feel free to check them out (and please use my links to help support me!)


  • Mastodon — A social network, like Twitter, but decentralized.


  • Digitalocean.com - cheap and reliable server hosting.
  • Ramnode.com - another cheap and reliable server host.
  • Google Fi - Google’s cell phone provider with simple, transparent billing that I am a happy customer of.
  • WhatPulse - If you’re a nerd that wants to know how many times you’ve clicked your mouse or pushed the keys on your keyboard…WhatPulse is exactly the right app to do that.
  • Streamlabs OBS - For streaming to twitch, youtube, and many other websites.


  • RuneScape - Need to kill some time? Play a game!
  • HumbleBundle - Buy games, Support Charity. Everybody wins!


  • Privacy.com - Make online purchases with a “virtual card number” to keep your “real card number” safe from breaches.
  • Chime Bank - Chime online bank.
  • Acorns - An easy way to invest.
  • Robinhood - Stock market investing, made easy.
  • Coinbase - A Cryptocurrency wallet.


  • Todoist - Help keep your tasks in check with a great to-do list app.
  • LastPass - It’s important to keep your passwords safe. I love how easy Lastpass makes password security.
  • RescueTime - Track your productivity with this computer & phone app.

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